“If you don’t think there’s neighborhoods where they play that game in certain white neighborhoods, then you’re a f–king idiot,” he shot back. “You don’t think they had dumbass games like that? As a kid, do we play cops and robbers? As a kid, did you play cowboys and Indians? … When you were a child, if you go to stores, right, if you go to look at paraphernalia. To be a cowboy, you’re buying boots, you’re buying a gun, you’re buying a hat. Some of ’em had the lasso.
“As a kid, when you played these games, it was based off of the premise from a hypothetical place that was put into perception for movies,” he adds. “What I’m saying is this isn’t something that just started. This isn’t a racial slur that people are doing or being malicious with. This is a game that’s been played for years. I’m about to be 40 years old. I remember at the age of 6, 7, playing these dumbass games. I remember playing cops and robbers.”