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Fans Concerned Shamari DeVoe Could be Ruining Husband Ronnie DeVoe’s
 Legacy, Their Marriage By Being on RHOA

Shamari DeVoe recently posted a sweet message to her husband Ronnie DeVoe after disclosing the pair once had an open relationship. However, fans are worried about her exposing the couple’s flaws on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” that could harm their marriage.

“A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other…I love you @bigrondevoe ❤️❤️❤️,” the Blaque singer said on Instagram Monday, Nov. 26. Her comment came after she explained why she and her New Edition member spouse wound up having an open relationship for a year and a half.

“There was nothing off limits,” she shared with her fellow cast members on Sunday’s episode. “We could do anything! It was awesome! The only one thing he wouldn’t have was me being with another man.”

shamari devoe


So while Shamari’s IG remark may be in defense of those who criticized the temporary move, which the singer said she started and ended, fans remained concerned about the long-term damage of airing out their marital woes.

“Please dont let that show ruin your marriage…. leave it first … its just not worth it….. reality TV has a habit of tearing a family up….”

“Please guys don’t get sucked into the reality t.v curse. ❤️ everlasting love.”

“I said once and I will say it again that show is so beneath the both of you @bigrondevoe @shamaridevoe. I rather see a show just focused on the Devoes.”

“Being on this show could be good for you and your husband music just stop telling your personal business and keep away from the Drama.”

“I pray that reality show doesn’t ruin your relationship. Stay woke!”

“Everybody doesn’t need to know your marital business.”

Others were concerned that Shamari’s inclusion on the show could result in harm to her Bell Biv DeVoe hubby’s reputation.

“Please dont mess up your husbands image….ron dont deserve all that..”

“@entertainmentlive24hours exactly none of this ratchet mess came out until she opened her big ass mouth. She’s trying to make friends with the Atlanta housewives by airing out their dirty laundry which is dumb as hell because the Atlanta housewives are looking at her and Ronnie and laughing their asses off. She’s going to mess up his image. I don’t care about her because she’s nobody but damn man Ronnie needs to put her in check!!”

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