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Twitter Debates About Houston Native Beyoncé Tackling the Voice of Nala in ‘The Lion King’

The teaser trailer for the CGI remake of Disney’s “The Lion King” dropped last week, and with Beyoncé listed among a slate of stars lending their voice talents to the 2019 release, speculation has emerged about how the singer’s speech will fit in.

The singer, who is billed as Beyoncé Knowles-Carter on the trailer, is set to voice Nala, the love interest of the main character, Simba. Both lions live in the Pride Lands, a fictional location on the continent of Africa. As such, some Twitter users are doubting that Bey can convincingly voice a character who lives worlds away from her native Houston, Texas, as the singer’s H-town roots are hardly ever divorced from her speech.

“I really don’t wanna hear Beyoncé’s voice in the lion king 🤦🏾‍♂️ Feel like she gonna ruin the whole thing for me.”

“I know y’all worship her and all, but if Beyoncé messes up the voice of Nala in the Lion King, I’m sending her a cease and desist letter.Love her all you want, but you know that she can’t act worth a dayum. I hope she’s getting the training that she needs.”

“Somebody said Beyoncé better talk right on the new lion king. Nala is not from Texas 😂😂”

“Dear #beyhive if Beyonce tries that deep voice on lion king like how she tried on dream girls… I’ll be ashamed.”

“Y’all so far up Beyoncé’s asshole that y’all don’t even realize her voice doesn’t fit Nala AT ALL. This lion bout to have a deep southern accent. Y’all must have forgot Beyoncé can’t f—ing act. & she damn sure can’t f—ing voice act either.”

Others defended Queen Bey’s voice talents.

“enlighten us on what accent lions normally have then, Felicia the lion whisperer.”

“I mean…. what kind of accent is a lion supposed to have… since you know so much about talking lions???”

“All of the voice actors in The Lion King 2019 will have American or British accents (same as the 1996 film) for African animals that don’t speak in real life…..but, sure, only go after Beyoncé because that makes sense.”

“I’m confused at people saying Beyoncé shouldn’t voice Nala in The Lion King because lions don’t have southern accents. Like, have y’all actually heard lions speak? What are they supposed to sound like? 🙄😕”

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