Young Bae’s ‘Black Ink’ Group Photo Has Fans Rolling Following Her Controversial Interview

Black Ink Crew” star Young Bae remains all smiles in a hilarious group picture with her cast-mates despite her passionate interview last week.

The South Korean tattoo artist did an interview with the “Domenick Nati Show” on Nov. 13, discussing the sexual harassment women experience in the tattooing industry. She told the talk show hosts that male tattoo artists have suggested sexual favors in exchange for teaching she and other women the ropes of tatting.

“I’ve been through a lot of, like, ‘You’re a woman, you can’t do this, you can’t do that, oh, if you wanna learn you gotta suck my d__k,’” Bae said.

Nevertheless, Bae refuses to dwell on the negative sides of the tattoo industry and recently posted a funny photo of her and her cast-mates dripping in orange faux fur Chinchilla-like coats. Bae stood in the middle as the neutral co-star compared to Tokie, Teddy Ruks and Walt who struck hilarious poses.

Young Bae

(photo credit/Instagram; from left Walt, Tokie, Bae, and Teddy Ruks)

Bae wrote, “❤️ #blackinkcrew #luv #givingback @danielsleather @mazzanewyorkofficial #thankful.”

Folks in the comments were cracking up over Bae’s group picture with her “Black Ink” colleagues.

“I guess you can say I’m hungry 😂.”

“Y’all look a bunch of grilled hot wings 🤣.”

“Thought this was some fried chicken at first..😂😩.”

“You all look like Sasquatch in those lol to cute.”

“ROTFL Y’all look like the Bernstein bears in them coats😂.”

However, one fan pointed out Bae’s interview about women in the tattooing industry and wrote, ” I listened to your interview and it sounds like there was sexual harassment at 113th 👀.”

Although, Bae has never confirmed or denied if whether or not she’s experienced sexual harassment at the “Black Ink” tattoo shop, she’s opened her own business Diamond Tattoos because of what women go through in her field.

“That’s why I opened up my own shop. … Because I didn’t want to deal with that [sexual harrassment],” said Bae. “You don’t want to do nothing as a woman that you don’t want to do be successful. You just pray hard and God will give you whatever the f**k you want.”

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