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Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Royce Reed Rushes to Protect Son Amid Rumors About Her Ex Dwight Howard’s Supposed Off-Court Low Post Moves

Royce Reed, Dwight Howard‘s baby’s mother, is here for all the chatter surrounding the NBA star.

Over the weekend, a man by the name of Masin Elije, said he and Howard became involved after meeting on the set of “Wind ‘N Out,” and now he’s being threatened for refusing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Elije also accused Howard of cheating on him with other men and posted a photo of one of one of those guys not too long ago.

Royce Reed commented on the rumor that Dwight Howard was involved with a transgender woman


Then on Sunday, Reed, formerly of “Basketball Wives,” posted a picture of two people sitting in a movie theater, one of them with two bags of popcorn and a huge soda. Of course, the image means that Reed is being entertained by all the drama and is truly enjoying it.

“The comments are starting,” read the meme.

Based on the comments, some people found Reed’s post funny, others thought she was wrong for poking fun at her ex. For the record, Reed and Howard went through a nasty  custody battle a while ago and haven’t been the best of friends at all.

“Petty of the year awards goes to @roycereed,” someone wrote.

“Really can’t believe you’re enjoying this?” wrote another. “These jacked up accusations affect your son too. Yeah maybe the likes is what’s important to you and impressing your fans but think long term. Your support would mean a lot more in a time like this.”

But others came to Reed’s defense.

“This was probably the smartest thing you could do,” one person wrote. “Give them a whole post to comment on because you knew they were taking that trip to your page. It’s not immature at all. You aren’t saying anything. Just providing a safe space to speak. After they are done you can delete the whole post.”

Reed then responded to that individual and explained why she posted the popcorn meme instead of using another image.

“Don’t want these comments under a photo of my child or anything else family related,” she wrote. “I’m not saying sh–.”

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