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Russell Westbrook and Wife Nina Welcome Twin Girls

Sky and Jordan.

Those are the names of Russell and Nina Westbrook’s new twin girls, who arrived this past weekend. The couple posted a photo of the newborns to Instagram and showed their tiny little arms, which each had name bracelets. Russell and Nina already have an 18-month old son named Noah.

Russell Westbrook and wife Nina Westbrook welcome twin girls


Of course, with the new photo being viewed nearly 4,000 times in a day, the comments were plentiful and kind, barring a few insults from people who didn’t seem to like Westbrook or his team the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“Damn, bro. So happy for you. You deserve everything you have, and you earned it,” one person wrote.

“Congratulations, man,” wrote someone else. “You the big guy, dog. God bless you and your family.”

The couple announced they were having twins back in September in a video titled “The Westbrook Family,” housed on the Oklahoma City Thunder’s YouTube page. In it, Nina also talked about the type of father her husband is and said he does a lot for little Noah around the house.

“He’s very hands on. He helps a lot,” she explained. “He probably does more than I do when he’s around. He wakes up early, stays up late, puts Noah to bed, goes to work out late at night. He really makes sure emphasizing spending that time with him.”

Russell has missed the last six games for the Thunder but not due to his twin girls. He actually sprained his ankle during a match up against the New Orleans Pelicans but may return this week.

(Russell Westbrook Instagram)


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