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Fox News Host Says Obama Has ‘Mommy Issues’ Because He ‘Never Talks About His Mom’

A Fox News GOP analyst accused former President Barack Obama of having “mommy issues” because he’s biracial.

Obama attended the “Obama Foundation Summit” in Chicago on Monday and discussed the things he believed were hindering the United States from progressing. A few of the variables included confusion, hate, anger, racism and “mommy issues.” Several conservatives felt the former president took a jab at President Trump although Obama did not mention his name.

Brad Blakeman

(photo credit; from left Brad B. & Barack O.)

Obama’s comments drew laughter from the crowd as he pushed for Americans to unite in order to solve problems in the country.

“We have got to get people to figure out how they work together in a cooperative, thoughtful, constructive way,” said the former president.

Fox News panelists discussed Obama’s remarks that Republicans accused him of making towards Trump and the network’s analyst Brad Blakeman said he was absolutely “outraged’ by the former president’s words.

“The first biracial president who missed a great opportunity to bring this country together because of who and what he was,” Blakeman expressed. “Half white and half Black. …  If anybody has mommy issues it’s the president.”

Blakeman continued, “I never heard him talk about his mom, President Obama. … To allege racism and mommy issues talking about the president is beyond the pale.”

The Fox News analyst’s overtly offensive comments were met with massive backlash from folks online who were outraged by his verbiage.

“To Brad Blakeman, being mixed race gives you mommy issues? You gotta love when the racist people make themselves known in the age of @realDonaldTrump,” one person tweeted.

Another added, “Racists and white supremacists: A mindless white racist devil says what?”

Checkout Blakeman’s comments to Obama:

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