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Quavo Sends Stern Message to Migos Fans

Quavo is tired of his Migos partners being compared to one another, and he wants it to stop. It’s something he communicated on Twitter not too long ago, which created a big response among fans.

“Stop comparing us, please. Put us against them,” he wrote. “Thank you.”

Quavo told everyone to stop comparing the Migos members.


Quavo’s request comes about a month after he released his solo debut “Quavo Huncho,” and about two weeks after Takeoff dropped his solo project “The Last Rocket,” so talk about which rapper is better has been high.

And more than likely, that conversation will continue when Offset drops his album on  December 14, which is his birthday.

While some people chose to ignore Quavo’s tweet and compared the Migos members anyway, a lot of folks agreed with him and said the three rappers shouldn’t be compared at any time.

“Truth is they’re a team,” one fan wrote. “There’s no such thing as Takeoff, Offset or Quavo, just Migos. Let’s not abuse the opportunity given to us to know their name.”

“I see it as a compliment,” another fan tweeted. “Everyone knows the Migos has no competition, so the only comparisons left is with each other.”

Others thought it was refreshing that Quavo shrugged off comparisons, especially when group members often try to hog the spotlight so they can be considered the leader.

“Watched a video of the Migos,” someone tweeted. “Ya’ll are tight as real blood bros. No competition between the group members. A refreshing move since most group members have egos, splitting the group.”

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