Folks Back ‘LHHH’ Teairra Mari After She Calls Akbar Out on His ‘Womanizing’ Ways

Teairra Mari let her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad completely have it during part 1 of the “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” reunion and fans completely agreed with her doing so.

Mari’s sex-tape scandal was the topic of conversation throughout season 5 after she accused Abdul-Ahad of purposely releasing it. To make matters worst, the “Stay In Your Lane” singer discovered that her ex-boyfriend had a wife and side girlfriend who know about one another. She eventually broke it off with the green-eyed bandit who stole her heart despite sleeping with him multiple times even after calling it quits.

During the reunion Mari called Abdul-Ahad out for lying to her about his three-way relationship with his wife and girlfriend. She blasted him for preying on women in a vulnerable state and called him a “liar, deceiver, cheater and heartbreaker.”

Teairra Mari

(photo credit: from left Akbar & Teairra Mari/VH1 screenshot)

Abdul-Ahad responded in a seemingly narcissistic manner by saying, “I was trying to fix you.” He added, “I appreciate women who’ve been through adversity, them the ones that I want. … The one that everybody count out. … I want the ones with no father [because] I’m gone be your daddy.”

The audience, fans and cast-members were disgusted by Abdul-Ahad’s remarks. Social media commended Mari for blasting Abdul-Ahad on his “manipulative” mannerisms and sided with Mari completely.

“He’s a narcissist, and he just admitted it to the world. 🙄 good for you TT for reading him.”

“Sorry but Akbar looks weird asf n TT told him off ❤️.”

“He clearly said he preys on Vulnerable women! Teairra went tf off on him tho.”

“Tearia went left on akbar. Leasson learned tearia. 🏆.”

“I hope Teairra sees how many people have her back and best interest at heart so she doesn’t need losers like him in her life at all.”

During a radio interview with Donatella Panayiotou, Mari explained how her relationship with Abdul-Ahad was completely over for good. She said, “These mfs are not to be trusted. … This was just like a hurdle and sometimes love just clouds your whole judgment.”

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