Fans Come to Angela Simmons Defense After Trolls Trash Family for Smiling So Soon After Her Ex-Fiancé’s Slaying


Vanessa Simmons shared a lovely picture with her family, but a hater was wondering why the family seems so happy after the death of Angela Simmons‘ ex-fiancé Sutton Tennyson.

Vanessa Williams

On Wednesday, Vanessa shared a photo of her and her family, including Angela, smiling for the picture. The family came together to celebrate their father Rev. Run’s birthday. In the caption she wrote, “🤗 Fam Bam.”

One commenter thought it was inappropriate for the family to be smiling so soon after the death of Tennyson, who was shot to death on Nov. 3 at his Atlanta home after an argument with another man. “Didn’t your child father just pass away? Why do yall look so happy? A young boy just lost his father.”

Vanessa responded to the hater, “you guys make it so hard for me to share anything. so much judgment yet you all have NO clue what you’re talking about.”

More fans commented in the defense of the family.

“because someone passes away dont mean you guys can’t be happy. Keep being happy.”

“Its their Dad’s birthday isn’t it? you can smile even laugh thru grief. Sheesh relax.”

“no need to respond to  a fools comment. I wish your family love and strength”

Despite the troll’s comment, Simmons has expressed some grief over the loss of her ex-fiance. On Nov. 4, the reality star shared memories of him with her son. In an Instagram post she wrote, “Thank you for leaving behind my greatest gift. Im hurting. Im numb.”

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