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Eva Marcille Slams Ex Kevin McCall as ‘Extremely Dysfunctional,’ Not Allowed In Daughter’s Life

Eva Marcille has made it clear that her daughter Marley Rae knows the model’s husband, Michael Sterling as her dad. And now, she’s giving more details about why her oldest child’s biological father isn’t involved in her life.

Before wedding Sterling, with whom Marcille shares an infant son, in 2018, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was dating rapper/actor Kevin McCall. She welcomed their child, 4-year-old Marley, into the world in 2014 and the couple ultimately broke up. He’s since announced he’s abandoning his child after seeing a photo of Marley bonding with Sterling in 2017.

“What’s amazing to me is that he thinks biology is more important than being present,” the star explains on the Thursday, Nov. 15 episode of “The Wendy Williams Show” at the 5:02 mark. “Like, Marley knows her dad. He picks her up from school, he gives her her life lessons, like, that’s her dad.”

Marcille also addressed commenters saying McCall should be involved in his child’s life.

“He’s extremely dysfunctional and he is not at a place where it’s safe for himself or others. Why would I do that?” the “America’s Next Top Model” winner says, adding that if he wants to become an involved parent “he should have to go to the court and talk mediation.”

She indicated that if McCall gets to a place where “he is happy and good and life is good for him” she may be open to giving him access to Marley.

“I’m open to Marley having the best of what she needs,” Marcille said before noting her ex “doesn’t go all the way to the top floor.”

“We kinda stop at a certain point and it’s like, to be a parent you need to be responsible and you need to learn how to be selfless and stop caring about yourself and care about this kid,” she says.

Marley’s bond with Sterling, an Atlanta lawyer, was apparent on the season premiere of RHOA two weeks ago. And fans agreed with Marcille’s current sentiments.

“I totally agree, good just mom well said @evamarcille.”

“🗣🗣🗣 say it louder for all the dead beats out there !!!”


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