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Wale Says Tomi Lahren is ‘Threatened’ by Powerful Black Women After She Disrespects Michelle Obama

Wale simply wasn’t having Tomi Lahren disrespect Michelle Obama, and he quickly came to the former first lady’s defense.

The rapper responded to the conservative commentator after she had something to say about Obama’s words on Melania Trump.

Wale Blasted Tomi Lahren for Dissing Michelle Obama


In her new memoir “Becoming,” Obama said she offered Trump help on how to be first lady, but she never took her up on the offer. Obama also mentioned the snub during a recent interview with Robin Roberts.

Then a couple of days after, Lahren, as she usually does, took the time to troll and share her opinion on the interview. She also made light of the former first lady’s efforts to make school lunches in the U.S. more nutritious.

“Michelle Obama is upset Melania never asked for advice on how to be First Lady. Michelle, besides ruining school lunches what did you do?” Lahren tweeted.

That’s when Wale swooped in to stick up for Obama, and he also said Lahren is intimidated by the Harvard graduate, as well as other Black women.

“Just say you threatened by the power of Black women and go Tammy,” he wrote. “You and your zany hijinks won’t prosper today … Tammy Lauran is a rreal-life Scooby Doo villain. Stay woke.”

Wale’s tweet is just the latest back-and-forth he’s had with Lahren. Earlier this year, he defended JAY-Z after Lahren criticized him for his lyrics. And before that he released a diss track aimed at the conservative host, called “Smile.”

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