Tamar Braxton Leaves Fans Begging for Answers After She Ups and Leaves Stage in Middle of Snoop Dogg’s Play

Tamar Braxton stunned fans this past Sunday when she seemingly inexplicably took off in the middle of the stage play “Redemption of a Dogg.”

The singer, who plays a guardian angel who guides Snoop Dogg’s character as he sorts through his life’s journey of faith, fame and family, performed at Washington, D.C.’s Warner Theatre Nov. 9-11.

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A source told The Washington Post on Monday that things noticeably went wrong during the intermission on Nov. 11, which went on a lot longer than expected. As attendees grew more and more impatient, the comic who warmed up the crowd came back to entertain them. It was nearly an hour before the actual show resumed. The delay was blamed on technical difficulties.

Yet when the stage went into its next act, a different actress went on stage to play Braxton’s part. The insider who was at the show told the newspaper that murmurs were heard throughout the theatre as a result. The commotion forced writer/director Je’Caryous Johnson to address the crowd after the performance, getting interrupted by audience members shouting for answers while he discussed Snoop’s semi-autobiographical play. The only explanation Johnson offered was that Braxton had an emergency that meant she couldn’t continue with the show that night.

Fans who were in attendance also aired out their grievances online.

“#RedemptionOfADogg Feeling robbed!!! Seeing all these dope reviews of the show online. @TamarBraxtonHer left at the beginning of the show!! @SnoopDogg and the cast did their thing but there was an obvious hole. I guess better luck next time? 🤷🏾‍♀️ #wherestamar #superdisappointed.”

“What u mean Tamar quit right before the last show?!!? #RedemptionofaDogg – at Warner Theatre.”

“LOL @JoeClair got a funny story from the weekend … someone left the play during intermission of #RedemptionOfADogg and never came back

Braxton has not addressed her sudden absence on her social media platforms and her representatives did not respond to The Washington Post’s inquiry. Johnson did not offer any other remarks on Braxton on his Twitter account, either.

“Redemption of a Dogg” is set to go on at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles Saturday, Nov. 17.

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