Keyshia Ka’Oir Has Social Media In Turmoil After Flashy Pic


Keyshia Ka’Oir‘s latest photo of her dripping in bling has the Internet in an uproar.

Ka’Oir and her husband Gucci Mane received major backlash in the past from folks who felt the couple dressed too flamboyant. Well, it looks the mother of three managed to make headlines again after she flashed off her $250k worth of diamonds just on her wrists and neck alone.

The “Ka’Oir Cosmetics” owner dropped a quarter of a million dollars on a jewelry shopping spree inside of Diamond Club Miami according to TMZ. She spent six figures on two bracelets, two chains and customized Cuban links dazzled in 120 carats worth of Baguette diamonds.

Ka’Oir took to Instagram on Thursday to floss her “ice”. One of the bracelets she donned in the photo featured charms of her name, a shopping bag, a sports car and her husband’s record label. She also sported two diamond-studded rocks on both hands and a iced-out necklace.

Keyshia Ka'Oir
(photo credit Ka’Oir’s Instagram)

Folks dragged Ka’Oir for her gaudy wear and felt the thousands of dollars she spends on jewelry could be used for a better purpose.

“I hope they help the less fortunate for the holidays 🤔.”

“Is it necessary to show all of that off? How about you give back to others.”

“That don’t look classy. Ridiculous no really.”

“She go 5 mil on her wrist 🧣💎, she could help somebody smh.”

However other fans jumped to the star’s defense and said she’s allowed to spend her money how she’d like.

“People think because you’re rich you should give back. How about we all give back.”

“It’s her money she spend it how she like!”

“Do your thing Mrs. Davis, let em hate the drip!”

“See that’s ya’ll problem you too worried about everyone else😩.”

“She owns her extra! That’s why I love her, do your thang boo!”

(photo credit Ka'Oir's Instagram)
(photo credit Ka’Oir’s Instagram)
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