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Doll Created In ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Idris Elba’s Likeness Draws Hilarious Reactions for Not Looking a Thing Like Actor

An Idris Elba doll is turning heads for looking very much unlike the “Luther” actor. The toy made in the Sexiest Man Alive’s likeness has social media users unleashing on a British specialty doll manufacturer to hilarious results.

Idris Elba

(Emperis/DANNY LAWSON/AFP/Getty Images)

The figure can’t currently be found on Emperis’ website, and a Daily Mail report on the uproar reported Elba’s $1,100 doll was nearly sold out Tuesday, Nov. 13. But it’s not because the doll bears a striking resemblance to Elba. On the contrary, after @courtdanee2 posted a side-by-side image of the doll and actor on Nov. 12, many Twitter users have commented that the bald-headed doll with severely arched eyebrows and looks more like “A Million Little Things” actor Romany Malco.

“That’s definitely #RomanyMalco.”

“Yo @TeamRomany this you?”

Malco denied all ties responding, “Nah fam! 🤣🤣”

idris elba

Others just marveled at how off the design of the “handcrafted ball joined” doll dressed in a waistcoat, suit jacket and jeans was.

“This Montel Williams/Dracula hybrid is supposed to be Idris?”

“That doll looks like a black professor Snape.”

“This Idris Elba doll is giving me tales from the hood nightmares all over again! #thisaintit #IdrisElba.”

“Gotta be Jafar with them eyebrows.”

“Man why does that Idris Elba doll look just like charlamagne @cthagod 😂😂”

“This doll is meant to be idris Elba I am DYING!!!!!!!”


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