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‘I Regret These Shots Everyday:’ Instagram Model Bedridden After Illegal Butt Injections Take Away Her Movement

An Instagram model by the name of Desiree has a stern message for all the women out there: Love your body and keep it the way it is, because it may cost you your health.

On Monday, Desiree took to Instagram and said she received a series of illegal butt injections from 2010 to 2012. The shots were given by Denise “Wee Wee” Ross, who’s now serving a life prison sentence for killing another woman, Wykesha Reid in the same way.

Instagram Model Desiree Warns Women About Getting Illegal But Injections


Desiree said at this point, the silicone is traveling to different parts of her body, and she’s unable to walk. But the young mother doesn’t want sympathy from anyone, she merely wants to prevent others from going through the same thing.

“The people that did my injections are now in jail serving a life sentence, because somebody died from these illegal shots not too long ago, so I can’t reach out to them to fix this problem,” she wrote. “I have silicone all up my back from these illegal shots, and I know I’m not the only girl that has them. I encourage you ladies all to love your body for what it is, because no matter how God made you he made each of us special.”

And besides the physical challenges Desiree faces, there’s financial hurdles as well, because she has a surgery coming up that she can’t afford.

“God is good and I have to keep the faith and hope and pray God will make a way,” she wrote. “I want to let you ladies know that no amount of beauty is worth your health. Please keep your body the way it is and love yourself. I’m not embarrassed, and I’m not ashamed, I’m proud because maybe my story will help you change. Please keep the negativity. I’m going through a lot but Im’a fighter.”

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