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‘I Don’t Like People Touching Me’ Meghan McCain Bumps Heads with Co-Hosts Over Assault Claims Lobbed Against CNN’s Jim Acosta

Things heated up on “The View” this week as co-hosts discussed Wednesday’s contentious post-election press conference in which President Donald Trump continued his vendetta against the media by lashing out at a number of journalists.

CNN’s Jim Acosta was among the reporters who had a testy exchange with the president, at one point refusing to hand over the microphone to a White House aide as he attempted to ask a question. Acosta wound up getting his press credentials revoked amid claims that he assaulted the young woman.

Megan McCain

Megan McCain sarcastically argued that the White House aide should be arrested for assaulting reporter Jim Acosta. (The View / video screenshot)

Meghan McCain argued that while the incident, during which Acosta’s arm clashed with the woman’s forearm as she repeatedly grabbed for the mic, didn’t rise to the level of assault, it was definitely inappropriate.

“I don’t like it when men touch me, in general, without asking permission,” McCain said. “If I were handing [a mic] and some man went like this (forcing her arm down), I wouldn’t like it. The way I saw it, he (Acosta) pushed her arm away.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that the reporter was simply blocking the woman. Newcomer Abby Huntsman also chimed in, noting that original versions of the video had been doctored to make it appear as if Acosta had assaulted the woman, which critics have said isn’t true.

“I’m also very sensitive to people touching me,” McCain, 33, continued. “I do not like people touching me in general, especially a man in a situation like that.”

“Well she shouldn’t have touched him maybe,” co-host Joy Behar shot back, drawing applause from the audience.

Sunny Hostin, who’s a former prosecutor, explained that the woman’s actions actually constitute as battery, as she was attempting to snatch something from Acosta’s hands.

Demonstrating, she explained, “When you are holding something, and you snatch this from me, this cup is now an extension of me. And that means you have battered me — you have assaulted me. That’s just the law.”

A flustered McCain refused to see how the White House aide was at fault and facetiously argued the woman “should be arrested for battery, clearly. You better go arrest her.”

“Stop it, Megan,” Goldberg cut in, bringing her rant to a halt.

Watch more in the clip below

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