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Report: Retired NFL Star Andre Johnson Steps To a ‘Fan’ Who Calls Him a B—h

People are giving a lot of credit to former NFL star Andre Johnson for keeping his cool in a heated situation.

According to TMZ, Johnson recently walked into Houston’s Belle Station club, where a fan asked him for an autograph.

Andre Johnson Confronted a Man Who Called Him a 'Bitch.'

The retired wide receiver agreed but told the guy he would need to get settled first since he just arrived. But the man wanted the autograph immediately and started heckling the 6-foot-3, 220-pound former Houston Texans star in front of everybody.

He then reportedly called Johnson a “bitch” in the crowded establishment, and at that point Johnson approached the guy but remained calm. Eventually, security stepped in before things could escalate, and witnesses said they thought the seven-time Pro Bowl player was going to pummel the guy.

There’s footage of the incident as well, but no sound of the verbal exchange. The video shows Johnson approaching the heckler, and they were pretty much face to face. 

So far, Johnson hasn’t said anything about the confrontation, and there’s no word if the man was asked to leave or if he stayed and behaved himself.

The beloved wide receiver stopped by Belle Station to watch a Sunday afternoon football game and mingle with fans, as he’s known to do. In fact, just last month he told his followers that he might show up to a pregame celebration.

“Who tailgating today for the Texans and Cowboys game?” he asked. “I just might come by.”

At this time, the name of the aggressive autograph seeker hasn’t been revealed, and it doesn’t seem the police got involved.

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