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D.L. Hughley Has the Perfect Solution for White Folks Who Want to Dress In Blackface

Comedian D.L. Hughley says he believes white folks should be able to dress in blackface, so long as they’re ready to deal with the consequences of being Black in America.

When white folks dress in blackface, “their credit score should drop and their cholesterol should go up,” Hughley said jokingly in an interview on Monday with “The Breakfast Club.” “And a policeman should break into their apartment and shoot them.”

D.L. Hughley

Comedian D.L. Hughley argued white people should experience what it’s like to be Black in America when they decide to dress in blackface. (The Breakfast Club / video screenshot)

The comedian’s comments come in the wake of NBC host Megyn Kelly‘s firing last month over remarks she made defending the offensive practice. Kelly, 47, argued she didn’t see the harm in painting your face black for Halloween so long as it’s all in good fun and you’re portraying a character.

The Fox News alum later apologized to viewers for being culturally insensitive, however, it did little to quell the outrage. Hughley, who’s gone toe to toe with Kelly in the past, didn’t mince words in his rebuke over her comments.

“If white people wanna dress in blackface, we should do it on Halloween … [and] make Halloween an election year,” Hughley continued. “That way, when they go vote, they get their vote suppressed.”

The actor went on to argue that, like most educated white women, Kelly has the luxury of pretending she doesn’t hold racist views and ignoring what’s really going on.

“She’s more like most white women in this country than she isn’t,” Hughley said. “They get to pretend like they’re benign. They get to turn the other way because they have husbands, brothers, and uncles and neighbors who commit these atrocities, and they get to pretend like they don’t see it.”

Watch more in the clip below.

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Posted by D.L. Hughley on Monday, November 5, 2018

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