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‘Black Ink’ Fans Accuse Melody’s Partner of Being Verbally Abusive, While Others Say He Read TF Out of Her

Black Ink Crew” viewers were in for a handful after Melody Mitchell and her partner Lalo Yunda got into an explosive argument during the Nov. 7 episode.

Mitchell revealed she and Yunda were having relationship problems and had been arguing over the “pettiest” things. She said their issues began last year when they were forced to move out of their home into a trailer due to Mitchell owing the IRS a substantial amount of back taxes. On top of that, Mitchell has been working longer hours at the tattoo shop and  they’ve both been stressed with taking care of their toddler.

The mother of one told Miss Kitty that she feels she and Yunda have “become strangers” and that she can’t do “anything to make him happy.”

Things quickly went left after Mitchell asked Yunda if she could borrow one of his tattoo machines. Yunda became extremely irritated and spazzed out on her.

Melody Mitchell

Melody Mitchell, Lalo Yunda. (photo credit: VH1)

“I can’t believe you don’t know what this whole thing is about,” Yunda yelled at Mitchell. “We had a destination. … You decided to go working on fu**ing stupid shop up there. … I hate that place!”

Yunda continued on his tirade and claimed that all the employees at “Black Ink” do is party and “get wasted” instead of actually tattooing.

Mitchell shot back and said working at the tattoo shop is good for her career, but Yunda wasn’t in the mood to hear any excuses.

“Look at you!” Yunda said to Mitchell. “Your wig is on point, your makeup is on point, but you don’t have a tattoo machine! You have become a person I don’t like!”

“Black Ink” fans felt Yunda was way out of pocket for yelling at Mitchell and called him verbally abusive.

“Lalo is showing signs of domestic abuse 💯. It may not be physical yet but it’s damn sure verbal and psychological.”

“Lalo ain’t even tall enough to be crying over!! Time to leave honey!! You will thrive without his verbal abuse. He looks like the type to try to kill too..I never trusted him, with those crazy eyes.”

However, others folks said Yunda read his wife for filth.

“Laolo read Melody for filth “ya wigs on point, your make up is on point but you don’t have a tattoo machine” I HOLLERED 😂.”

“Damn he read tf outta Melody, her wig, and the black ink shop.”

“Lalo didn’t even greet Melody just ‘what’s up with that hair?’ 😂.”

Meanwhile fans said Yunda was more upset that Mitchell was finally embracing her “Black side.”

“Lalo is basically telling Melody she’s acting too ‘n*ggerish’ and he doesn’t want her ‘n*gga’ shit to rub off on his 3/4 white child. The man is chauvinistic, racist, sexist, abusive misogynist. Lawd Melody leave that man 🤔!”

“He’s wack and he’s a racist. What he doesn’t like about ‘those people’ is that @melodytattoos is identifying with her blackness and hanging with Black folk. Don’t cry Melody, he is an abusive asshole!”


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