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Former GA Gov. Sonny Perdue Tells Florida to Not ‘Mess This Up’ at Florida Rally

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue had a strong message for citizens in Florida for Tuesday night’s election between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum.

Perdue attended a campaign event for incumbent DeSantis who ran against Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum in Florida governor’s race on November 6. The former Republican governor of Georgia also described the stakes of the elections to supporters as “cotton-pickin’ important” and said there was a dire need for them to vote.

Sonny Perdue at election per Andrew Gillum

Governor Sonny Perdue during “Wild Hogs” Atlanta Press Conference at Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. (Photo by Rick Diamond/WireImage)

“Public policy matters. Leadership matters. And that is why this election is so cotton-pickin’ important to the state of Florida,” Perdue said during the Lakeland, Florida rally according to CNN. “I hope you all don’t mess it up.”

Folks clearly got Perdue’s message and elected DeSantis as Florida’s governor on Tuesday. Democrat candidate Gillum was one of the strongest candidates the state has seen in a long time and only lost by 1 percentage point. He was vying to become Florida’s first black governor.

Gillum also jokingly responded to Perdue’s unruly comments on Sunday to CNN and said, “He should go back to Georgia. We’ll take care of Florida.”

DeSantis’ campaign did not respond back to CNN for comment on Perdue’s remarks. Florida’s next governor has faced several accusations of racism after he warned voters in August not to “monkey this up.” He later doubled down on his verbiage and said the phrase did wasn’t racially motivated.
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