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Dave Chappelle Gives Epic Response to Question About Watching Football

Dave Chappelle confirmed two things when he was stopped by a reporter: That he doesn’t watch the NFL, and he supports Colin Kaepernick.

On Sunday, during week nine of the league, the famed funnyman was asked if he’d be checking out any football later on that day. “I don’t watch football,” Chappelle answered.

Dave Chappelle Took a Knee for Colin Kaepernick


The 45-year-old then went down on his knee but joked that he was tying his shoe, not protesting. But based on Chappelle’s past support of Kaepernick, it’s easy to gather that he was really making a statement.

For example, Chappelle wore Kaepernick’s jersey to a huge show at Radio City Music Hall last year. And during one of his Netflix stand-up specials, he brought up the quarterback turned activist in his routine.

“Took us 400 years to figure out as a people that white people’s weakness the whole time was kneeling during their national anthem. That’s a brittle spirit,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick still hasn’t been hired by an NFL team, despite many teams needing a quarterback. And it’s been that way since he began kneeling for the National Anthem to protest police brutality years ago.

On Sunday, Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid spoke about Kaepernick seemingly being blackballed. It was right after he had a stellar game against the Tampa Buccaneers and was awarded the game ball by his coach.

“I’m happy to be able to help the Panthers win, but until [Kaepernick] gets back in the league, I can’t be wholly happy,” Reid told a reporter.

Kaepernick then responded.

“Love you, brother. Keep ballin,’” he wrote.

Kap hasn’t acknowledged the clip of Dave Chappelle yet, but you can see it below.

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