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Blocked: Ja Rule Claims Victory In Social Media War Against 50 Cent, ‘Can Dish It But Can’t Take It’

Ja Rule said that 50 Cent blocked him on social media, and now he’s claiming victory in their recent round of back-and-forth. He also accused people of always siding with the G-Unit rapper.

“@50 Cent blocked me,” wrote Ja. “He can dish it but can’t take it. Stop acting like everything he do is dope. He’s trash. How’s that ‘Get the Strap’ on single doing for you?”

Ja Rule Says 50 Cent Blocked Him From Social Media


Ja then poked fun at the “Power” actor’s BET show “50 Central” getting cancelled, as well as his movie “Things Fall Apart,” which went straight to video. It’s also a film that Fif lost nearly 60 pounds for.

“Can someone tell me what time and day ’50 Central’ comes back on?” wrote Ja on Instagram. “Asking for a friend.”

He also posted a photo of his longtime enemy in a wig. “Don’t she look like her neck stink?” teased Ja. “Tell auntie 50 to unblock me. I wanna play.”

Perhaps surprisingly, the “Candy Shop” rapper hasn’t responded to Ja yet. In fact, he hasn’t sent a shot at anyone in 24 hours, which is a long time considering his history. Instead, 50 posted a photo with some actors and said how excited he is for the sixth season of “Power.”

But regardless of Ja’s claim of being the victor, some of his followers disagreed and said 50 is the overall winner because of his success. Others, however, said Ja has more hit singles than 50, which counts more since their both rappers.

“I think Rule got more hit records,” one person commented. “Ja Rule was big. Even with JAY-Z, Eminem and Nelly doing big numbers, Ja Rule held it down.”

“Ja has been going on and on. 50 barely posting about him anymore,” another person wrote. “Ja is the past and 50 knows he don’t bother with rap anymore. Dudes making big [money] off ‘Power.’ Ja wishes he had that 50 money.”

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