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‘LHHH’ Viewers Side with Booby Gibson After His Explosive Confrontation with Marcus Black

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” castmates Booby Gibson and Marcus Black went tit-for-tat during last night’s episode, and fans were rooting for Gibson the entire time.

Gibson has been on a mission to protect his longtime friend Brooke Valentine from heartbreak since he found out she was engaged to Black. The basketball player was Valentine’s shoulder to lean on last season after Black cheated and lied to her about still being married. He and the singer even developed feelings for each other but decided to keep their relationship platonic.

Booby Gibson

(photo credit: L; Marcus B.& R; Booby G./VH1 screenshot)

Gibson visited the “Girlfight” singer at her showcase last week and declared that she would be making a huge mistake marrying the rapper.

“You constantly worried about other people,” the former Cleveland Cavaliers guard told Valentine. “If he with you, somebody that I think is so special. How is seen with all these people all the time?”

Gibson then took matters into his own hands and decided to confront Black at Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley‘s baby shower. Black was on high alert after Gibson jumped out of a black SUV.

The conversation went from 0-to-100 real quick after Black challenged Gibson to a fade.

Gibson replied, “If I wanted to put my hands on you then that would of been done. … That ain’t what I’m here for. … I’m here for to make sure Brooke is good and she ain’t.”

Black then rushed at Gibson, who didn’t flinch a bit, but their altercation was quickly broken up by security. Their heated exchang ended with Gibson calling Black “lame” and telling him to “square up” another time.

“LHHH” viewers were here for the smoke between the two castmates and placed their bets on Gibson after the heated scene.

“Booby will beat Marcus 😂.”

“He big because he knows Booby can get her back so quick lol.”

“I love Booby! Yassss pull up on that Marcus! 😂👏.”

“Can we all just admit that Booby confronted Marcus on some real s**t?”

“Booby made Marcus look like a complete fool. That man did not flinch not once and was looking oh so fine popping all that s**t 😂.”

Watch the explosive clip between Gibson and Black:

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