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‘LHHH’ Fans Are Scratching Their Heads as Keyshia Cole’s Ex Booby Reappears Just to Encourage Brooke to Leave Marcus

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” viewers were shocked last night after Booby Gibson popped up out of the blue to help Brooke Valentine.

Gibson appeared on season 4 of “LHHH” with his ex-wife singer Keyshia Cole. However, the former couple decided to call it quits in their marriage and filed for divorce. VH1 fans forgot all about “Booby” this season until he made an appearance during Monday night’s episode to reconnect with “Brooke.”

Booby Gibson

(photo credit L; Booby G R; Brooke V./ Instagram)

Gibson and Valentine have been friends for a long time but decided to spark a small romance with one another last season after Valentine was on the fence about her now fiance Marcus Black. Nevertheless, the basketball player and Valentine’s relationship was short lived and the two apparently parted ways.

During last night’s episode, “Booby” got word that Valentine was engaged to Black and felt some type of way. So he decided to surprise Valentine at her showcase and share his feelings about her to Black. Gibson told Valentine she deserved a better man than Black.

“You constantly worried about other people… If he with you, somebody that I think is so special. How is seen with all these people all the time?”

Fans commended Gibson for trying to have Valentine’s back about marrying Black, but were confused as to where he was all season.

“Ohh We Bringing Up Booby Now #LHHH.”

“They done brought Booby back.”

“Why is booby on the season finale of lhhh😂 i’m done with that show yo.”

“Hey Marcus look who’s back, Lil Booby.”

“Wait. booby is back? Why the f**k would you invite BOOBY.”

“Booby is coming to Brooke as a grown man…. and this is refreshing like UGH YES BRING DADDY BOOBY BACK CAUSE HE IS GIVING US WHITNEY HOUSTON’s ALL THE MAN THAT I NEED 😭.”


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