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Remy Ma Gets Skewered for Defending R. Kelly

During a recent episode of Revolt TV’s “State of the Culture,” rapper Remy Ma made some bold statements in an apparent defense of R. Kelly. The remarks came in response to news that Lifetime is airing a documentary series called “Surviving R. Kelly” next year, which explores the allegations of sexual abuse levied against him.

One of the first times the singer’s personal woes came to the forefront was in 2008 when he was on trial for allegedly taping himself having sex with an underage girl. He was charged with 21 counts of child pornography but was ultimately acquitted on all charges.

“So he went to trial for it before. We had a video of him intimate with an underage girl. We had another video where I don’t know if she was underage but he was all in her and it didn’t look like … most rapists don’t eat your ass. So I’m like, you get acquitted and you still get banished and you’re still a monster,” Remy says of Kelly’s legal battle on Monday, Oct. 29.

Since that case, Kelly has faced accusations that he had women holed up in his Atlanta and Chicago homes in an alleged sex cult where he controlled their every move, according to a 2017 report. Kelly has continuously denied the allegations. The vocalist even released a song defending his penchant for younger women.

But Remy feels it’s not the women who necessarily have an issue with Kelly, but their mothers.

“Even the lair that you’re talking about it wasn’t the women that were complaining it was the mothers…It’s so weird that we live in a world where women and men do some sick s—and they be with it,” she says. “If your daughter’s 14, 15, 16, 17 and she wants to f— a guy who’s twenty anything and thirty anything, you’re fighting against it. I’m not saying that he’s right … But from history … he’s been labeled as being illiterate. What I’m saying is, he’s not the brightest but he’s talented.

“I remember that first case with the urination and all that, it was sort of in his defense … I’m not taking either side, I’m saying, how do you combat somebody who likes younger women … What about the parents that are okay with it?” she adds.

Remy also pointed out the #MeToo movement’s influence on Kelly’s accusations.

“There’s this movement and rally to bring them all down… I’m a little bit more cautious with using certain words like ‘got away with it’ because I know how this society works. ‘Oh we missed you last time so now we’re going to get you this time.’ … In some instances, you get convicted even if you’re innocent or not, you got convicted, you’re guilty. Or you get not convicted but somebody accuses you of some s— and we believed it, you’re still guilty. I’ve known people who’ve been in that situation, so I have to use words like alleged, I have to use words like, ‘if this is true.’ I just want to take that into consideration too.”

Fans who saw her remarks did not co-sign them.

“At first I thought Remy Ma was being contrarian by contract obligation on SOTC but b/t her comments about Bill Cosby, yt people saying the N word, child support and now R.Kelly I can’t support her anymore. After this show is over, those 🗑 ass comments are gunna haunt her.”

“Remy Ma is really canceledt for me. Like I tried but she just keeps revealing how much more trash she is by the day. She tried to drag Nicki for the things her brother did but she’s defending R Kelly? K. BYE.”

“lol remy ma is defending fucking r kelly i’m so done with that convict pick me.”

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