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Megyn Kelly Says It’ll Take Another $10 Million To Keep Quiet About NBC and Not Release Dirt

Megyn Kelly said she’ll sign an NBC confidentiality agreement but only if she’s paid $10 million.

TMZ reports that the network offered Kelly $38 million in negotiations, which is the remaining amount owed on her three-year contract. The 47-year-old was making $25 million each year until she was fired for saying wearing blackface on Halloween is acceptable.

Megyn Kelly Demands $10 Million to Sign NBC Confidentiality Agreement


And although signing a confidentiality agreement after a settlement is industry standard, paying someone to do so isn’t, so executives refused to meet that demand.

But that decision could come back to bite the network, because Kelly may slam them the same way she did Fox News, her previous place of employment. In 2016 the controversial host released the book “Settle for More,” where she criticized Fox and accused former Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.

The source close to the NBC negotiations also stated that on top of the $10 million, Kelly wants the network to sign a confidentiality agreement as well. At this time, sources didn’t indicate how far along they are in the back-and-forth, or if NBC is willing to sign a non-disclosure clause.

“It’s all out war in negotiations between Megyn and NBC,” said an industry insider. “She doesn’t just want the remainder of her $69 million contract, she wants more money on top as compensation for what she believes is NBC’s attempt to not just have her off the air but to end her career … Megyn is happy to honor a non-disclosure agreement if NBC is willing to honor one as well.”

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