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T.I. Says America is Angrier At Black Men Who Kneel Than White Men Who’ve Committed Mass Shootings

T.I. seemed to have an epiphany and he shared it on social media.

“America is angrier with Black men taking a knee than with white men committing mass shootings,” he posted.

The rapper also captioned his post with the words: “Sh–t’s beyond me.”

T.I. Said America Is Angrier At Black Men Who Kneel In Protest Than White Men Who've Committed Mass Shootings


Of course, Tip is referring to the protests staged by Colin Kaepernick when he was playing for the San Francisco 49ers, which others soon followed. He’s also addressing the high number of mass shooting committed by white men and white teens, most recently the killing of 11 people worshiping Shabbat in Pittsburgh.

After T.I’s post, a lot of folks debated among themselves, and one follower responded to the rapper’s question directly.

“Because mass shootings are the American way, minority rebellion isn’t. Sad but true,” wrote @MrMcClainJ. “This land was acquired by ways of mass shootings and submissive negros. Don’t be confused. We’re still living in the 40s, we just all have iPhones now.”

One person outright disagreed with @rMcClainJ and said he doesn’t see T.I.’s point at all.

“Two completely different problems,” wrote @ed_egger. “No comparison and does not excuse disrespecting our flag and anthem.”

“I find it absolutely baffling that some people in this day and age can still have the thought process that @ed_egger has,” one person replied. “I think people who are this ignorant are exactly the issue with why there’s never any kind of reform [or] forward progress with this society. [I] can only hope.”

Tip’s message has been retweeted almost 20,000 times in less than a day.

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