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Chris Brown Has Fans Swooning Over Sweaty Tank Top and Racy Performance: ‘Wanna See That Body’

Chris Brown had fans gushing over some concert footage he posted to his Instagram page.

In the brief clip, he sports a simple tank top and jeans, while belting out his cut “To My Bed,” which had the people at the show and those on social media going crazy.

Chris Brown Has Fans Going Crazy After Posting Concert Video


“My fav song. I really wanna dance with Chris,” wrote one fan, who also included a sad face emoji because she wasn’t at the concert.

“I need you to give us a video with a ‘How Does it Feel’ D’Angelo vibe,” another person wrote. “I know I ain’t the only one that wanna see that body.”

Others called Chris their “man,” “hubby” and “baby daddy” in separate tweets, and those are some of the tamer messages that didn’t mention body parts.

There’s also one part of the clip that shows Brown doing a move straight out of the “Matrix” films, smoothly falling back on one arm and pushing himself forward in a single motion.

Another posts of Brown’s that got a lot of attention was a photo he shared of himself and Drake. The two have been at odds since having a physical confrontation at a New York City nightclub in 2012 but were seen on stage together during a show in Los Angeles earlier this month.

“Light skin legends,” Brown captioned the photo, which sparked a lot of comments.

“So glad to see y’all together again,” wrote a fan. “I need a song from y’all.”

You can check out Brown’s solo concert clip below.

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