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Kandi Burruss’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of Her Stunning Look

Kandi Burruss got her fans drooling over her thin frame and beautiful smile. On Thursday, Burruss shared a photo on Instagram of her rocking a low cut blue dress with long brown hair. In her caption, she wrote, “All smiles today! Thanks @erika_lapearl_mua & @sewjodie for getting me together. 💙💙💙”

Kandi Burruss

The fans flooded her comments admiring her beauty.

“Kandi so naturally pretty”

“Damn kandi you looking like your 25 again #kandibutton”

“Sis 😍 looking beautiful as always”

“this a sexy ass lady right here I would love to go in the matrix wit yo ass”

“You’re looking really good you have lost a lot of weight keep up the good work”

“Wow your smile just made my morning thank you beautiful😘😍💰💰💰💰💰💰”

“You do not age, is it possible you are getting younger?! You are so beautiful, inside and out! @kandi”

It seems Burruss can do no wrong when it comes to fashion and beauty. The businesswoman was praised for her Dungeon Party attire and her sexy new single “Ready For This.” “I knew you was a freaky!!😛 WOMAN you just don’t knw! @kandi 😏😍😍🤤, Todd you lucky MF😒,” one fan said.

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