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Tamron Hall Responds After Fans Bombard NBC To Bring Her Back After Megyn Kelly Gets the Ax

Megyn Kelly’s firing at NBC has fans calling for Tamron Hall’s return. Kelly came under fire for vehemently defending people who wore blackface on Halloween. The backlash was swift. Kelly was blasted by fans and her former colleagues for her “racist” remarks. Even though she apologized for the comments, the damage was done and the anchor was let go. Fans quickly suggested Hall to be Kelly’s replacement. If you recall, Hall left her longtime position at the network and its flagship “Today” show after Kelly was hired.

Kelly’s show eventually replaced Hall’s time slot on the morning program. Fans tagged Hall and flooded NBC with their request.

Fans Beg NBC To Bring Tamron Hall Back After Megyn Kelly Gets Fired


“I hear there is probably a 9 a.m. slot opening soon. Please come back,” someone wrote after news of the firing surfaced.

“Miss you on ‘Today’ show, Tamron. The day you left was my last day watching it,” a second person admitted.

“When NBC went low, Tamron went high,” wrote a third. “Keep doing us proud down in Texas. Can’t wait for the new show next year.”

In 2017 Hall inked a talk show development deal with Harvey Weinstein’s The Weinstein Company. But once the former Hollywood producer was accused of sexual assault and rape, there was a lot of uncertainty.

Last month, however, after signing a new deal with ABC Owned Television Stations Group, Hall had a new show in the works, and she shared a preview of it from her  studio in Harlem, N.Y.

The new deal with ABC will likely mean the 48-year-old won’t be going back to NBC or the ‘Today’ show anytime soon, but people continued to share their hope and blast Kelly in the process.

“I thought you were awesome,” one person wrote. “Prince wrote your theme music, and yet Becky Kelly gets to make $20 million for spouting BS. Best to you.”

“Still missing you. Please come back to NBC,” another person commented.

“Anyone know what @tamronhall is doing right now?” another person asked, only to get a response from Hall herself.

“I do, I do,” Hall wrote back. “See my pinned tweet about my syndicated talk show. Oh, and raising money for @SafeHorizon Tamron. Oh, and taping Season 6 of #deadlinecrime and oh, livin’ my best life. I hope that’s enough.”

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