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Second Officer Involved In Shootout with Florence Man Dies, Critics Call Out GOP’s Silence On the Topic

A second officer has died following an ambush in Florence County, S.C. earlier this month that left one officer dead and several others badly injured, ABC Columbia reported.

Deputy Farrah B. Turner on Monday succumbed to injuries she sustained after she and two fellow Florence County Deputies were attacked while on their way to Fred Hopkins’ home to conduct an interview three weeks ago. Turner was one of six officers shot during the incident, while Florence Police Department Sergeant Terrence Carraway died at the scene.

Farrah Turner

Deputy Farrah Turner underwent a total of nine surgeries after being shot in a deadly ambush on Oct. 3 (Image courtesy of WECT)

“It’s been a really terrible month obviously from the very beginning,” said Nicole Bethea, a friend of Turner’s. “She was always smiling.”

According to Turner’s GoFundMe page, the deputy had to have both of her feet amputated and underwent a total of nine surgeries as she remained in intensive care. The campaign has already raised over $17,000 in donations for the slain officer.

“She was definitely a fighter, there’s no doubt about it,” Bethea added.

Richland County Lieutenant Brittany Jackamonis who roomed with Turner during their days at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy remembered her friend’s “infectious” spirit.

“She is just so full of life,” Jackamonis told WIS-TV. “Her smile will just take you beyond this world. She was called and she answered the call of duty.”

“Law enforcement is truly a family and it’s a special calling,” she added.

All of the victims in the shooting were reportedly hit by Hopkins, 74. Police say the officers were ambushed when they arrived at Hopkins’ home on Oct. 3 to speak with his son, Seth David Hopkins, about an ongoing sexual assault investigation. The elder Hopkins opened fire on the deputies with a pistol and two military assault rifles, The State reported, resulting in over 400 rounds exchanged between he and the pinned down officers.

Hopkins was initially charged with attempted murder in the attack, however, the Richland County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday the charged was upgraded to murder after Turner’s death. He’s now facing not one, but two counts of murder, along with six counts of attempted murder.

Seth Hopkins was also arrested and charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor, the newspaper reported.

News of Carraway and Turner’s passings have rocked the Florence community, and some critics couldn’t help but notice how mum Republicans, who are often pro-law enforcement, have been on the matter.

“All of a sudden two cops are murdered and Republicans don’t have ANYTHING to say about the so called ‘war on police?” writer and activist Shaun King argued on Instagram. “Not a word. Zilch. Because it doesn’t fit their fake narrative that Black people are killing white cops. That narrative was always fake.”

Other social media critics agreed, pointing out how Hopkins was taken alive while Black shooters typically end up dead.

“Once more, the police even managed to bring the gunman into custody ALIVE…,” one person commented. “Yet, another example of law enforcement’s abilities to preserve the lives of some.”

“where are all the ‘All lives matter’ and ‘Blue lives matter’ folk?” another chimed in.”Where is the outrage? Funny how you never hear this unless someone wants to undermine the BLM movement.”

Turner’s funeral is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 28, at the Florence Memorial Gardens.

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