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Steve Harvey Continues to Distance Himself from Donald Trump: ‘Y’all Got Me Twisted’

One year after Steve Harvey had an ill-fated meeting with President Donald Trump, the comedian is setting the record straight once and for all about where his support lies.

While encouraging listeners to vote in the midterm elections Wednesday, Oct. 24, Harvey made it clear that despite his previous actions, he doesn’t back the former “Apprentice” host.

“Stop looking at my Instagram page thinking that I vote for Donald Trump,” he says on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.” “Y’all got me twisted. Now, anybody that really knows me and listens to the show know good and hell well, I’m not a Trump supporter. That was a meeting. A damn meeting. Man, I’m trying to get somebody up in there, man, where we can make a difference.”

He added that low-income Republicans who plan to stick to their party at the polls should be aware of the plan to take aim at pre-existing conditions when it comes to overhauling the Affordable Care Act.

“They are still trying desperately to get rid of more and more segments of Obamacare,” Harvey said. “And if you don’t think those preexisting conditions are one of ’em, that’s a huge thing they want done away with. They are lying saying that they want to keep pre-existing conditions. They can’t with the proposals that they’re putting forth about Obamacare. They want to get rid of that because they consider that an entitlement.”

Commenters clamored onto Harvey’s clarification of where he stands.

“Tellum Uncle Steve!!! Please get off his nuts! There is NOTHING ABOUT HIS SHOW OR HIS PAGE that should make you believe he is a trump supporter. Now get out and vote DAMMIT!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸”

“Tell ‘em Unc! You don’t bite your tongue!”

“Let me rephrase a part of your message for you Uncle @steveharveyfm ‘YALL GOT ME F*CKED UP’😁😁 I understand you had to say twisted. Ppl need to mind their own and make sure they head to the voting booths!!! Much respect❤️”

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