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Naturi Naughton Seemingly Shoots Her Shot At ‘Power’ Co-Star Rotimi, He Responds

Did Naturi Naughton just flirt with her “Power” co-star Rotimi, who plays Dre on the show? That’s what it certainly looks like, and she did it after he posted a photo of himself working out.

“New week, new goals, new levels, new disciplines,” Rotimi captioned the photo.

Naturi Naughton Responds To Rotimi's Instagram Photo


Naughton responded by posting a wagging tongue emoji, as well as googling eyes, fire flames and water. Rotimi then answered by posting emojis of a devil and winking eye.

Right away people noticed the flirtation and said the actresses’ TV husband Ghost wouldn’t like it, and others figured the back-and-forth means the two will have an affair next season.

“They got something going on [in] season 6,” one person wrote.

“Ghost gonna kill you off now,” wrote another. “Y’all really f—— up.”

Some also wondered why the actress left the emojis in the first place since she has a boyfriend named Ben, the father of her 1-year-old daughter. But others said it’s fine.

“She’s not married, but didn’t she just have a baby?” someone wanted to clarify. “Hell, I got three kids and ain’t married either. Let me get out of other folks business, thinking I know something.”

Meanwhile, Rotimi is having a pretty good year, to say the least, because not only has his “‘Power” character grown more popular, his New Jersey high school inducted him into its hall of fame. The actor attended the same high school as SZA, who was the very first inductee.

“My best memories started here,” Rotimi told the students of Columbia High School during his speech. “Trust your instincts and intuition. Let no one put you in a box.”’

After he spoke, the actor told reporters that being inducted into his alma mater’s hall of fame was equivalent to “Getting a Grammy or an Oscar.”

It’s safe to assume the compliment he received from Naughton didn’t feel bad either, and time will tell if Dre and Tasha will get involved like that one viewer stated.

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