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Soledad O’Brien Blasts Trump for Focusing On Gubernatorial Races with Black Opponents, Calling Them ‘Incompetent’

President Donald Trump focused his attention on three main gubernatorial races and journalist Soledad O’Brien thinks she knows exactly what’s been piquing his interest.

On Sunday, writer and lawyer Joseph Azam pointed out that Trump has weighed in on three gubernatorial races within the last few days.

“He endorsed [Adam Paul] #Laxalt (NV) w/no mention of his opponent,” Azam wrote on Twitter. “He endorsed [Rick] #Scott (FL) and [Brian] #Kemp (GA) and made it a point to call their opponents, [Andrew] #Gillum and [Stacey] #Abrams, incompetent and unqualified — guess what they have in common?”

“Oooh. Pick me! Are they… um… Black?” O’Brien asked rhetorically.

The response drew plenty of reaction from fans who got a kick out of her dry sense of humor.

“Soledad, you are getting a gold star on this one!” one fan replied, jokingly.

“Ding ding ding! Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner,” wrote another.

Not everyone was amused, however, and chided O’Brien for always bringing race into the mix.

“Don’t you ever get tired of playing the race card…” wrote one critic. “Don’t you get just a little embarrassed using that played out Dem talking point when in 2018 it has never been better for POC than ever in history…Just lazy trolling on your part.”

It was just last week that Trump endorsed Kemp as Georgia’s next governor, arguing that the secretary of state has been “successful at whatever he has done.” He went on to call Abrams, who’s on track to make history as the Peach State’s first Black governor, “totally unqualified for the job.”

“[She] would destroy a great state!” the president tweeted.

Trump launched a similar attack against Tallahassee mayor and Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum on Saturday, taking to Twitter to dub Tallahassee one of the “worst & most corrupt cities in [the] USA!”

Gillum quickly responded to the president’s attack, calling his words cowardly.

“When you lie about me from the most powerful office in the world and still don’t have the courage to @ me…” Gillum said while retweeting Trump’s tweet.

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