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‘Real’ Love? Mike Hill Says Relationship with Cynthia Bailey is Genuine, Not Just for ‘RHOA’ Story Line

Mike Hill hasn’t said much since he and Cynthia Bailey went public with their relationship over the summer, but that changed last week when the Fox Sports broadcaster decided to hit back against claims that he’s being used for a plotline on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

“It’s a love story, not a storyline!! Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know us or what we stand for,” Hill wrote on Instagram Friday, Oct. 19. “We don’t need that kind of attention. We just want each other. Love YOUR life and find you someone to love. That way you won’t guess about what’s happening over here. By the way, I ain’t mad. I’m So #CHill #LastandOnlyTimeThisWillBeAddressed #positivevibes #LoveIs.”

cynthia bailey


Hill got tons of support on his own Instagram page.


“Amen…..That’s dropped right there!!”

“That part ❤️❤️”

“He said, what he meant…You heard him!! Take that devil..Pow wow…💣💣💣to the forehead. I love this!!! Real Black Man right here!!!”

But fans who commented on an unofficial RHOA fan account had different takes.

“Sounds like he’s mad.”

“Ummm, he is her storyline though!!! Or he wouldn’t have agreed to be miked, filmed, or contractually obligated to appear on the RHOA! Nostrils told on himself 👀🤷🏽‍♀️👃🏼”

“So if it isn’t her storyline, what will her storyline be? She is on a scripted reality television show. 😂 She did fake a divorce for a storyline just a couple seasons ago. So…. 😂😂 #ByeMikeMike.”

“It always makes the men look suspect when they respond to stuff that relates to the show.”

Hill is Bailey’s first significant love interest since divorcing Peter Thomas after six years of marriage. Bailey has said she didn’t feel like she could prioritize Thomas’ needs over her own and even swore off marriage altogether.

But after a hiccup with dating Will Jones on RHOA season 10, Bailey confirmed that love was in the air for her and Hill, who will be included on the upcoming 11th season.

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