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Fans Collectively Sob Over Quad Webb-Lunceford and Toya Bush-Harris’ Emotional Moment on ‘Married to Medicine’

It’s no secret that Quad Webb-Lunceford has not been forthcoming when it comes to discussing her divorce with her “Married to Medicine” friends. And on Sunday night’s episode, Toya Bush-Harris was fed up with the lack of transparency.

Webb-Lunceford filed to divorce Dr. Gregory Lunceford in May accusing her husband of “cruel treatment willfully inflicted” upon her “such as reasonably justified apprehension” for her mental health, and adultery. The filing left the cast of the Atlanta-based Bravo series feeling blindsided as Webb-Lunceford kept the women out of the loop. When she was later confronted over it by Bush-Harris, she became defensive on the Oct. 21 episode of MTM.

Miss Quad and Bush-Harris shouted at one another during a group get together, which led Dr. Jackie Walters to step in and mediate.

“That display you guys just had ain’t nothing but love,” Walters reasons. “This is your big sister saying, ‘I wanna be there for you.’ … Toya is probably one of the kindest most loving ladies in this room and she loves hard but she hurts hard. But the reason she fights like that is that’s hurt.”

Bush-Harris acknowledged how harsh she can sometimes come off harsh but explained to Webb-Lunceford that she’s simply “trying to get you to open up so that in the end it’s this happy moment where we’re all loving on you.”

Miss Quad couldn’t help but be moved by the explanation and got up to embrace her friend.

Fans immediately reacted to the pals’ emotional moment.

“I’m in tears now seeing Quad & Toya make up really touched me & I wish more women would come together like this. #Married2Med.”

“This is why I love Toya and Quad…. #realfriends #married2medicine.”

“This moment between Toya and Quad is the realization they truly care for you and you can be yourself; you don’t have to be pretentious Quad! They won’t always agree with your mess but they care for you none the less! #Married2Med.”

“I’m in tears! #Quad #Toya!”

“Toya & Quad you both made me cry. #mtm.”

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