50 Cent Clowns Ashanti Over Concert Being Cancelled for Low Ticket Sales: ‘Do Basement Parties’

50 Cent took the time to clown Asanti over her recent cancelled performance.

The R&B singer was scheduled to play at Stony Brook University later this month but after only 24 tickets were sold, the school pulled the plug. Ashanti was a replacement for Teyana Taylor who dropped out at the last second.

50 Cent Clowns Ashanti For Cancelled Concert


“Ashanti show canceled after only 24 tickets sold,” wrote 50. “Wait a minute, l thought l told everybody not to f–k with this fool. l want the names and socials of everybody who bought a ticket.”

Then in a separate post he wrote “Do basement parties. Then it can still feel like it’s lit. I don’t know what to say.”

At this point, 50 has been beefing with Murder Inc.’s Ja Rule and Irv Gotti for over 15 years and his words to Ashanti, who’s also down with the crew, is just his latest shot.

Ashanti hasn’t responded yet, and she hasn’t addressed the cancelled event either. She did, however, post footage of her concert in Portland, which had a huge crowd— maybe to show that people still want to see her.

As for Stony Brook, they haven’t said whether poor promotion had anything to do with the low ticket sales, or if there was truly a lack of interest among students. 

“As an organization we do our best to host programs for students while providing diversity and inclusion, however, we have struggled to execute certain aspects,” they said in a statement. 

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