Rapper Dave East Says His Good Looks Helped Him During Homelessness: ‘I Am Not Going To Lie’

Dave East said he was homeless once, but his physical appearance made things less difficult.

“I have had the experience of being homeless,” he told Page Six. “I had slept in cars for a minute. I was homeless throughout the whole year. It was more [that] I did not want to ask my moms and pops at the time [for help], and I felt like I was grown so I went through my little phase.”

Dave East Says His Good Looks Helped Him During Homelessness


“I am not going to lie, my looks helped me,” he added. “I stayed with a couple of girls. Shout out to them. They know who they are.”

Ever since East dropped his “Black Rose” mixtape in 2015 and grew to national fame he’s become a hip-hop sex-symbol, even getting complimented by celebrities like Tyra Banks, who encouraged him to be a model.

In fact, the Harlem rapper talked about being approached by famous women and said it’s no big deal at this point.

“Celebrities have hit me up, but why would I tell you that?” he asked. “I would never tell on myself. You can get caught up in it, but after a while you realize it don’t mean nothing and it just comes and goes.”

The famous women not concerning East may have to do with the rapper reconciling with his baby’s mother Millie.

In August he posted a video of he and Millie in the Dominican Republic. Before that, they had a fairly a contentious relationship, which played on on social media once.

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