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Angela Simmons Gets Grilled By Fans for Allegedly Lying About How She Stays Fit

Angela Simmons, like many celebrities, have been promoting the Flat Tummy Company as the reason she is fit and fans were not going for it. On Wednesday, Simmons shared a photo of her in a workout fit with her Flat Tummy shake. The Flat Tummy Company sells teas, shakes and candy that are designed to promote weight loss. The company has received quite a bit of negative criticism for not actually helping with living a healthier lifestyle.

In Simmons’ caption, she wrote, “Few days down on this round of @flattummyco shakes and I’m definitely seeing the progress. They taste good, super quick to make, and get me the results I’m looking for.” She continued and was sure to add that this post was simply an advertisement,  “Definitely happy with my post-summer tummy redemption 😂 Check them out while this sale’s still on! #ad”

Angela Simmons

Although Simmons stated upfront that the post was an ad, fans still let her know they disapprove of the post.

“Bullshit. You are fit because you work out like a professional athlete, not because of some tea. Please stop spreading BS products.”

“I thought you were built not bought sis lol you just as bad as the others.”

“She needs to stop lying bout this tea cuz she don’t even drink it. All the celebs are lying when they promote this bs”

“How can you post built not bought then advertise stuff like this you don’t see how thats not contradicting?”

Fans are referring to a Wednesday post where Simmons shared a video on Instagram of her and her trainer. In her caption then she said, “Thank you @itscoachnelson @supremeteamboxing for today! So refreshing 💪🏽👊🏾 #BNB #builtnotbought link in bio ‼️💕.”

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