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Michael B. Jordan Hijacks Ellen DeGeneres’ Birthday Gift to Tennis Star Naomi Osaka In the Best Way

Ellen DeGeneres gifted tennis star Naomi Osaka with some eye candy in the form of a photo of Michael B. Jordan, but the gift got better when the actor himself got involved.

It all went down on Twitter Wednesday, Oct. 17, when the talk show host tweeted, “Happy birthday, @Naomi_Osaka_. I got you a present. @michaelb4jordan.” The post was accompanied by a photo of a sweat-drenched Jordan in a promotional photo for his film “Creed,” the sequel of which is due in November.

Michael B. Jordan

That night Osaka replied, writing, “pls block me 😩.”

Hours later, Jordan, who was tagged in DeGeneres’ original tweet, responded himself with a gift that certainly one-upped the comedian’s photo.

“This one is better and more recent. LOL 😂 Happy Belated Bday Naomi. But seriously I want to invite you to the Creed 2 premiere as a bday present 🎁,” he tweeted.

Michael B. Jordan

Osaka was stunned, to say the least.

“LOL what is going on 💀😂??? Thanks for the bday wishes, If you’re serious I would totally want to go 🤗🙏” she tweeted, accepting the invite.

Michael B. Jordan

And it wasn’t just the Grand Slam winner who was moved by the gesture. Many Twitter users fawned over the exchange.

“‘But seriously’ … It doesn’t get any serious than that!!! Go and enjoy Naomi.”

“Naomi.. Your birthday has blessed us all 🙏🏼”

“Ellen is the real mvp.”

“Guuuuuuuurl Naomi. You Betta get it together when mama Ellen and papi team up for the best birthday gift Eva! 👀 and if she don’t wanna go I’m always free mike😂”

“The invitations keep coming in for Naomi..well done Ellen🙂”

“I dont need no pic or nothing bro but shit my birthday friday..i need that invite too lol that movie bout to something serious.”

“Girl you better say yes to this shirtless man!!!! 😄😍🌸”

“I’m just gonna go ahead and consider this an early birthday present for myself. 😃”

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