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NBA Youngboy Gives High School Graduate A Huge Stack of Cash During Show [WATCH]

After getting into a couple of scuffles at concerts last month, NBA Youngboy may be trying to change his image.

During a recent show, the Baton Rouge rapper handed out a wad of cash after one guy said he graduated from high school.

NBA Youngboy Gave a Student a Wad of Cash for Graduating


“I graduated from Callaway High School, n—-,” shouted the guy after someone handed him the microphone. “High school diploma, n—-.”

Afterwards, NBA called for his backpack, which somebody from his entourage handed to him.

“Come here, shorty,” said the 18-year-old artist. “Since you graduated, take this right here. 

NBA then proceeded to hand the money through the crowd until it finally got to the graduate.

“He ain’t got to come up here [to the stage],” the rapper explained. “And if you didn’t graduate, I ain’t trippin’ ‘cause it ain’t gonna last you long but if you did, it’s gonna last you.”

Clearly this concert went far different from a show in Richmond, VA last month, where NBA was seen throwing punches at a concert goer, which then started a huge brawl.

But this show, where he gave out the money, seemed to go off without a hitch and afterwards people thanked the rapper for what he did.

“Wow, I am impressed,” wrote one fan. “Great job to both of them.”

“That sh– was hella cool,” tweeted a second person. “Good move, youngin’.”

“This is real sh–,” another fan wrote. “He just felt that sh–. [It was] spare of the moment sh–. From the heart. That’s dope.” 

You can watch the video below.

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