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R. Kelly Continues to Face Backlash, Parents Create Hotline to Help Other Alleged Abuse Victims Come Forward

Parents of a woman who claimed she was a victim of singer R. Kelly‘s alleged sex cult, recently launched an “abuse hotline” to help other victims come forward.

The Chicago artist has been accused of sexual abuse against underage girls for almost two decades. However, Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage the parents of Jocelyn Savage, who accused R. Kelly of holding their daughter hostage at his home, are taking action against the musician.

R. Kelly


The Savages decided to create the hotline after being bombarded with calls from other women and parents who claimed they were victims of R. Kelly’s abuse. The parents said they’ve been contacted by over 80 women who were afraid to speak out against the singer according to the Mic. The number of calls prompted the creation of the “R. Kelly abuse hotline.”

“One reason I feel that he’s been getting away with a lot of the allegations for the last two decades is because people feel he has money and power and they don’t have the resources to fight him,” Jonjelyn told the news source during an interview on Wednesday.

“There’s no age limit on being mind-controlled, drugged, brainwashed, there’s no age limit on that,” Jonjelyn added. “So the more we have more young ladies or even men, or parents that are willing to speak out, the more we think it can help our daughter as well as helping other victims.”

The Savages confirmed that one of the callers was Faith Rodger who filed a lawsuit against the singer in May and claimed he infected her with herpes and “mentally, sexually and verbally” abused her.

“She was afraid to go to her parents and we treated her like she was our own daughter,” Timothy stated. “We told her, ‘Go to the doctor, get tested and then once the test comes back, if you need us to help you talk to your parents, we will.'”

The Savages first accused R. Kelly of sexual misconduct and brainwashing their daughter Jocelyn in a July 2017 Buzzfeed story. The parents claimed they’ve not seen their daughter since December of 2016. However, Jocelyn denied the sex cult allegations and said she was in a “happy place” with R. Kelly. She reportedly continues to remain with the Chicago artist.

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