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Father of One of R. Kelly’s Alleged Victims Says Singer Would Be Jailed If Women Were White

The father of one of the women R. Kelly has allegedly held hostage is speaking out against the lack of justice for his daughter and other Black women. Angelo Clary says it all boils down to the race of the women the “Bump N’ Grind” singer is accused of sexually abusing. According to him, if his 20-year-old daughter Azriel Clary were white instead of Black, Kelly would have been jailed by now.

“What makes R. Kelly exclusive?” Angelo Clary asks in a video sent to TMZ. “If you take down somebody like Bill Cosby and [Harvey Weinstein] who has triple and quadruple the amount of money this guy will ever have in his life — and popularity. Can you explain to me the difference besides it was Caucasian women on one side and it was Black girls on the other? Guess what? Black girls ain’t get no views, no input, no support, no nothin.'”

Clary continued by mentioning Kelly’s record label, Sony, and its head Clive Davis should answer for the women who have claimed the singer controls their cell phone use and when they eat or use the bathroom.

“If those kids were Caucasian young women, we would not be through this,” Clary says. “Period, it would be done. He would have been released them children and went on with his life or he’d have been in jail.”

Clary said he has not heard from his daughter in eight months and said she got caught up with Kelly at age 17 when she and her parents met with him to discuss her music career. Clary claims Kelly gave his daughter his number when the parents weren’t looking and moved in with the singer soon after.

He hasn’t seen her since then.

The father joins the chorus of parents who have spoken out against Kelly’s treatment of their daughters in the last several months. In July, the family of 21-year-old Jocelyn Savage, who asserted she is safe and not brainwashed, held a press conference saying they believe she suffers from Stockholm Syndrome.

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