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Ashanti Goes Blond, Fans Go ‘Meh’

Ashanti Ashanti stepped out with a new hairstyle and a skin-tight dress for her birthday, and the fans were not feeling the look. On Sunday, a friend of the singer shared a short video of her heading to her birthday celebration. In the video, Ashanti is pulling down her gown every couple of steps and flaunting a long blond weave.

Instagram viewers were not a fan of the singer’s new look, from her hair to the dress.

“What in the discomfort 😩 how many times you gotta pull it down sis 🤣”

“My momma always said if you got to keep pulling down every time you walk, its too small. Lol she’s cute tho.”

Other fans were focused on the full blond wig she pulled out for her birthday celebration.

“I still don’t get the Becky look wit the blonde hair on our black women cuz yall be big mad when a brother date a white girl. Im not that brother Im just making a observation, love my queens”

“Why do black women love blonde weave and wigs?”

Ashanti’s fans not being too fond of her birthday look is uncommon; they usually praise the singer for the beauty. Last month, she shared a photo of her rocking a skimpy transparent gray two-piece with diamond-encrusted heels. One fan said, “slim waistline thick thighs that’s #Ashanti 😛 lol”

Ok Ashanti looked flawless on her birthday 💕😍

Posted by Atlanta Black Star Entertainment on Monday, October 15, 2018


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