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Eva Marcille’s Mom Steps In To Defend Daughter After Trolls Trash Wedding Day Hairstyle

Photos from Eva Marcille’s wedding day have emerged nearly a week after her lavish ceremony and while several fans praised her look, others hated on her simple hairstyle.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star got hitched to Atlanta attorney Michael Sterling on Sunday, Oct. 7 and the nuptials were seen by all of Marcille’s RHOA co-stars, including Kandi BurrussPorsha WilliamsMarlo HamptonTanya Sam and Shamari DeVoe.

eva marcille

(Jae Donnelly for The Daily Mail)

Many fans raved about how stunning Marcille looked.


“I was waiting for these pics!!!! Just beautiful!!”

“She looks breathtaking 😍 that dress is everything 🙌🏾”

“Oh my gosh, she looks so gorgeous‼️”

But others chimed in to remark on how much they disliked her hairstyle, which was a wavy ponytail.

“What’s going on with the hair??”

“This hair ain’t it 😐.”

“Come on Eva hair always look so nice! but look mess up on her wedding day! dam..but she still look nice doh blessings always hun.”

“That hairstyle and tiara nope.”

“Her hair got wet?”

“That hairstyle and the headpiece don’t go well together, probably a low bun with some curls would have been nicer (just my two cents).”

And others swooped in to defend the ‘do.

“Not everybody wants a case of Pump it Up in their hair on their wedding day. Get off her.”

“@nani_w Thank you sweetie. That was exactly what she said to me. ‘Mom, I want my hair simple. It’s not about the hair,'” wrote Marcille’s mom.

“@nani_w I know, right? @evamarcille could’ve had every strand of hair out of place and started a wedding trend by doing so. She is a stunning woman. If folks are that petty that they can only focus on what they perceive to be her hair a mess? I feel sorry for them. Must lead very miserable lives.”

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