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‘Black Ink Crew’ Ceaser Emmanuel and Teddy Ruks Explode Again on Tattoo Artist Herb

Black Ink Crew stars Ceaser Emmanuel and Teddy Ruks got into a brawl with a new hire named Herb, but it looks like they want another round with him.

The aftermath of the last week proves to be just as explosive as the fight. Emmanuel and Ruks had to be talked down by fellow castmates to not seek out another fight with Herb.

In one scene from Wednesday night’s episode, Emmanuel is seen walking outside looking for Herb. Sky Days had to tell her castmates that were willing to fight for her, that she is fine. Days said, “Chill out. We good. I ate that, he hit like a b*tch.”

Ceaser Emmanuel

On the October 8 episode, Emmanuel was looking to open a new tattoo shop in New Orleans and hire new artists. He decided to hire Herb, who claimed that he didn’t know who Days was. Days was offended when he asked who she was and felt the new hire needed to treat her with more respect.

Herb attended Emmanuel’s house party and things quickly escalated. After a verbal back and forth, Days punched Herb in the face. Herb then retaliated by punching her back knocking off her wig. Then Emmanuel and Ruks chased him and stomped him out.

Twitter fans debated on whether or not Herb was right to punch her back even though Days is a woman. One fan said, “Sky really thought she was gon punch Herb in the face and walk away? 😂 wrong city my girl! Herb bopped that hoe right back! #BlackInkCrew.” Another fan said, “Dude was beyond WRONG for putting his hands on Sky BUT Sky was WRONG for putting her hands on him 1st…. Don’t put ya hands on a man if you don’t want them putting theirs on you… PERIOD!”

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