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Political Publication “The Hill” Slammed After Confusing Condoleezza Rice With Susan Rice

Washington news publication, The Hill, is currently under fire for confusing former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice with former National Security Adviser Susan Rice in a newspaper article published on Oct. 8.

Both former White House staffers clearly have the same last name, but don’t resemble one another at all. The popular news outlet seemed to have mistakenly used a photo of Condoleezza although the article was written about Susan’s possible run for Senate.

Emmy Award-winning sports journalist and ESPN anchor Michael Eaves was one of the first to tweet out the publications’ mix-up on online, which prompted several other people to comment on the news outlet’s controversial mistake.

Susan Rice


An upset Twitter user wrote, “Are you SURPRISED? Incidentally, It’s 2018. What the hell is wrong with you folks that you can’t do a hard edit? Susan Rice and Condoleezza Rice. Really? And why lately does it seem directed towards black women? I don’t see Mitch McConnell being mistaken for Lindsey Graham.”

A second person commented, “OMG! People still make this sort of error in this day and age. I understand that they share the same last name but Darn! NOT all black ppl look the same. Come on! #susanrice #condoleezzarice #SusanRiceForMaine #SusanCollinsOutIn2020.”

Another reader added, “There is no excuse for this ‘mistake.’ And the fact that @thehill hasn’t issued a correction and an apology speaks volumes.”

Neither Susan or Condoleeza have addressed the identity mix-up in the publication. The Hill has yet to issue an apology, but the news site switched to a photo of Susan shortly after the backlash.

The publication’s mistake follows weeks after the New York Times wrote a caption concerning former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman with a photo of actress Angela Bassett. The mix-up between the two celebrity women drew widespread criticism.

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