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Marlon Wayans Hilariously Shoots His Shot At Tiffany Haddish As She Searches for Love

Tiffany Haddish wants to put her single days behind her and she’s taking matters into her own hands to make that happen.

The comedian on Friday took to Instagram to get the ball rolling on her dating life.

“I have made a decision: I’m tired of being single,” she says in the Oct. 5 video filmed at Merkato Ethiopian Restaurant & Market in Los Angeles. “So I want to start dating now. So check it out. I want you to put in the comments what kind of date you would take me on — Tiffany Haddish. And whoever has the best and most exciting and interesting date, maybe I’ll go out with you. I’ll slide in yo DMs. … Yes, I will slide into the DMs of whoever has the best options for dating.”

Still, the star had some rules for guys to follow. She wanted her man to be 35 and over, have a good career and a clean record.

“Do not be in jail currently, nor prison. You must be free to go out,” she said. She also noted the age requirement can be lifted if “you are 20+ with a good inheritance.”

Fans swiftly took her up on the offer, sharing best date ideas and hoping the comedian would pick them.

“Let’s go the zoo and feed some animals 😎”

“Come to Detroit and we’ll get tacos! @tiffanyhaddish.”

“I would take you on a date that would make you happy and if I couldn’t afford it we’ll imagine.”

“Pizza and make fun of Kevin Hart memes.”

“Let me fly you in so we can visit the aquarium BALTIMORE then have lunch @Bo Brooks restaurant Canton hit up Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Ride scoters around then get dinner @misscarters_kitchenllc then I’ll fly you back home @tiffanyhaddish.”

Even Marlon Wayans got in on the fun… until Haddish told him to “knock it off.”

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