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‘Black Ink Crew’ Ceaser Emanuel and Teddy Ruks’ Wild Fight with New Hire Lights Up Twitter

The most recent episode of “Black Ink Crew” had Twitter on fire after Ceaser Emanuel and Teddy Ruks banded together to beat-down the tattoo shop’s newest hire.

Emanuel is in the midst of purchasing more tattoo parlors and recently opened a shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. He hired a tattoo artist named Herb for his NOLA shop who allegedly didn’t know Sky Days. Days was offended when he asked who she was and felt the new hire needed to treat her with more respect.

Black Ink Crew

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Things quickly escalated when Herb showed up to Emanuel’s pool party. As soon as he approached the circle, Days immediately caught an attitude and felt Herb gave off bad vibes. The two got into a verbal altercation after the new hire called Days “fake” and insisted that she say whatever she felt about him to his face. Days then popped off on Herb by punching him in the face, but the New Orleans employee swung back and knocked her wig clear off of her head.

Emanuel and Ruks chased Herb and that’s when things got ugly. The two “Black Ink” cast-members gave the N.O. employee a New York style beat-down.

The fight between the VH1 co-stars sent Twitter into a frenzy and fans had some thoughts on the whole ordeal.

“Sky really thought she was gon punch Herb in the face and walk away? 😂 wrong city my girl! Herb bopped that hoe right back! #BlackInkCrew.”

“Dude was beyond WRONG for putting his hands on Sky BUT Sky was WRONG for putting her hands on him 1st…. Don’t put ya hands on a man if you don’t want them putting theirs on you… PERIOD!”

“So all this happened because Herb didn’t know who sky was?😂 #BlackInkCrew.”

“Soooooo are we going to IGNORE the fact that Herb was the one bringing in business & was about BUSINESS? Meanwhile, petty Sky was fighting at the grand opening? The way Teddy went off, I’m thinking he needs to just be with Sky.”

“Dude really fought a female and then was throwing blows at his new boss?”

“LMAOO YEP!! That’s a TRUE NOLA NIGGA😂😂 This nigga said “Wazzam”😂 Yep that’s how we talk down here! Look I don’t condone domestic violence BUT ladies y’all gotta learn to STOP putting your hands on a Man & wanna cry when they lay hands back.”

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Ceasar & Ted vs Herb! #BlackInkCrew

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